Rankinity Introduction

Search engine optimization is a key element of the promotion strategy of any website. The more professionally search engine optimization is carried out, the more important website rank monitoring task becomes. An SEO specialist needs to receive daily reports on positions of sites he’s promoting, has a posibility to quickly analyze the current standings of a website, keep notes and create reports for clients. A webmaster or a website owner at the same time wants to have a way to control the SEO specialist, see actual results and look into visual reports.

The Rankinity service provides website rank tracking solution both for SEO specialists and webmaster on the same platform. By “website rank” we mean the entire family of metrics related to the position of a website in search.

The special attention is put to search and analysis of your website’s competition in various search engines. Thanks to the well though out interface of the service you can easily find new competitors and analyze their positions on different time intervals.

The main features and advantages of the service:

  • Checking website positions in real-time.
  • Automatically locate new competitors.
  • Monitor a website in multiple search engines.
  • Perform comparative analysis of site’s visibility in a search.
  • Review website positions with micrographics.
  • Collate website positions and actual search engine traffic.
  • Cooperative work on projects.
  • Automatic notification on position changes.

In order to acheive the best quality and reliability of the service, we use the cutting-edge technologies and strive to fulfill our customer’s demands as much as we can.