Rankinity.com official release

Greetings everyone! We’d like to inform you, that the moment you’ve probably been waiting for has come. Rankinity.com is up and running at last and we’re ready to amaze you with the most precise and relevant analysis of your website rank ever.

Rankinity screenshot

What’s inside?

  • Check your website positions in real-time.
  • Analyze your competitors in search results.
  • Monitor your website presence in popular search engines.
  • Configure search engines for any country and city.
  • Collaborative work on SEO projects.
  • Ability to track thousands of keywords.
  • Tracking website visibility by keyword’ groups.
  • Weight setting for individual keywords.
  • Positions overview with micrographics feature.
  • View the search results for each keyword.
  • And much more.

Join us on rankinity.com and check your website positions right now!

Every new user gets 5 dollars as a registration gift.


Rankinity.com Team