Real-time Operation in Rankinity

Real-time Operation in Rankinity

Rankinity is the first service in its class working completely in real-time. Speed, ease of use and clarity are the major requirements to analysis systems today. It is these factors that Rankinity implements very well and puts them as a base for the comfortable work with the service.

The idea of real-time operation is that you don’t need to refresh the page of the service in a browser, or perform special queries to see if the data has updated. The entire analytical information updates automatically and doesn’t require reloading of a page.

Website rank tracking in real-time

After creating and configuring a new project, you simply need to switch to the positions section and see the data automatically updating as keywords are being checked by the service. Importantly, such operations as filtering, sorting and searching keywords as well as switching between groups are instant. While updating, keywords are displayed in strict accordance with the specified settings.

Project collaboration in real-time

The same real-time operation principle is implemented in the setting of a project. This allows much more efficient cooperative work on the same project. For example, you can load new keywords to a project, and they immediately appear on the screen of another user, as long as he or she was viewing the same settings section. The same way other settings of the project are synchronized between multiple users.

All in all, this puts Rankinity to the whole new level of convenience and allows check website positions faster.